Jim’s play in three acts is “Random Contingencies.”

A gun. An election. A failing romance. Random selection and the good or the evil that follows. Characters are engulfed in life-changing events over which they have little control. A naive young man who is accused of murder argues with his cynically pragmatic cellmate. Two competing attorneys step out of the roles they thought they had chosen, and two co-workers suffer a son, a boss, and a boyfriend they can barely tolerate. There is also a dead victim, filled with regrets and disappointments about his unexpected state – all served up with a touch of irony and humor.

If you are connected with a theater group or school, please contact the author directly for more information about this play. It is also available in a one act, six character version, which is about an hour long. We regret that the play is not currently available to the general public other than in performance.