The Spy’s Demise

When the Soviet Union collapses in 1991 during an attempted coup in Moscow, KGB agent Valery Sevastoposky decides to quit his demoralizing job, his failed marriage, and his country. He slips into the United States, where he associates with a Russian gang in Brighton Beach, New York. His descent into a life of failed relationships, crime, despair, and terror rapidly accelerates when a KGB mole within the CIA realizes that the man who carries his secret is no longer under the control of the KGB.

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Here’s how his story begins:

a novel by
James Wygant
copyright 2009

Moscow — 1985

You always thought you had secrets, until you realized that some people already knew them, others preferred never to know, and still others just didn’t care. They had secrets of their own, so they thought. He was in the business of secrets. He had come to see it as a business. It made it easier to grasp — assets, revenues, and expenses. It made the secrets more tangible. Otherwise he wasn’t sure what he was concealing or what he was trying to protect.

Here’s what critics said:

“An exciting spy thriller looking at the time of turbulent intelligence following the fall of Soviet Union, ‘The Spy’s Demise’ is not to be missed.”
– Midwest Book Review

“Jim Wygant takes us back to a time when worry and fear were the daily meal of the day.”
TicToc Book Reviews

“This was an exciting novel with great characters and an awesome story, it was a fresh look at the cold war and its aftermath.”

“If you love espionage, you’ll love this book! It’s got a lot of excitement – it’s action-packed and you never know who to trust! …This book is packed with paranoia and suspense that’ll have you eager to find out what’s going to happen next.”
– Lindsay Pasch, Confessions of a Bookworm

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The author was interviewed on the TV program Back Page about The Spy’s Demise and Jessica’s Tune. The YouTube is below.