No Away

Here’s NoAwayall that terrible stuff you’ve heard about…

Infrastructure collapse, massive unemployment, uprisings by the 99-percenters, bombings… Environmental disasters, levees breaking, coastal flooding, drought, fires… Special enforcement squads, torture, disappearances…

The world of Adam Spence has become a nightmare… and he is being pursued by a band of men, the new protectors of “national security,” maybe working for the government, maybe not, who regard him as a grave threat, part of a conspiracy he knows nothing about. In his own mind, he is only a war veteran trying to live out of the back of a stolen pickup truck. He made one serious mistake that has brought down the wrath of forces with seeming unlimited power.

And then disease strikes, a robust, lethal form of flu that wipes out whole populations.

America reduced to a siege mentality, killers for hire, a population desperate for food, millions falling prey to disease, and all that remains are personal survival skills. Adam Spence races across the United States with a woman he barely knows, trying to keep ahead of his mysterious pursuers, and find forgiveness within himself for the crimes he has committed.

Comments about No Away:

 “If you enjoy a good end-of-world thriller you will enjoy this work. The characters are strong and the setting is done well. The suspense keeps you turning the pages to see how it all ends. Wygant has written another solid performer.
TicToc Book Reviews

“As the world starts to collapse around us, we often only seek to get by. Adam Spence may need to do more than that or have no world to live in. ‘No Away’ follows haggard war veteran getting by in a world where the government seems to be collapsing around him and disease is wiping out the country. Spence faces his own demons as goes cross country and gain a better understanding on why everything seems to be lost. ‘No Away’ is an exciting page turner, very much recommended.
Midwest Book Review

Here’s how the book begins:

copyright 2012 by Jim Wygant

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Chapter One

Adam Spence awoke to cold air on his face and the dreary metal sheen of the canopy above him. He had a headache. He often awoke with a headache, without having done anything to cause it. He didn’t know why he got headaches and he could not afford to pay someone to give him an expert opinion. Besides, it was only a minor discomfort and usually disappeared within an hour or two. He rolled in his sleeping bag onto his side so he could see out the window. It was a gray day, already defined by the muffled but steady roar of the freeway traffic on the elevated interchange above him. He knew this kind of place, a vortex, where the rush of city life could sweep around him without touching him. He could find similar sites in any city. On this deserted street the only people who passed by were the exercise freaks in their expensive sports togs, on their way to jog along the riverside path. One of them passed by as Adam was staring out the side window of the pickup’s canopy. Their eyes locked for a moment, or at least Adam thought they did. Maybe the jogger couldn’t see into Adam’s dark sanctuary. Maybe he tried and failed. Maybe he thought he saw someone looking back but couldn’t be sure. Adam smiled. He liked the thought of a confused, uncertain member of the establishment.

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