Jessica’s Tune

JessTuneA young musician uses his computer skills to tap into the files of what he believes to be a small San Francisco finance company. It is actually a money laundering front for a Mexican drug cartel, which is less concerned about the theft of $50,000 than about the possibility that the thief might be a competitor hacking their computer data.

Nick Dement, former KGB spy, is called upon to resolve the disappearance of the musician. In the course of his inquiries he becomes romantically entangled with two women. From a solitary, low-profile existence he is rocketed into an unfamiliar realm of competing passions and unrelenting danger.

This is a sequel to Jim Wygant’s novel, The Spy’s Demise, which details the defection of Nick Dement fifteen years earlier, before he went into witness protection and when he was known by other names.

What critics say:

“The characters are exceptional and easy to like, Nick is smart with a big heart, but also very private. This vulnerability makes him very attractive to the opposite sex. …The book is fast paced with a great story line… With Jessica at the wheel, you will find yourself spinning into an exciting adventure, one that keeps you guessing.”
TicToc Book Reviews

“A riveting thriller that will be hard to put down, ‘Jessica’s Tune’ is a fine read.”
Midwest Book Review

Here’s how the book begins:

a novel
by James Wygant
copyright 2010


The places we went yesterday, both the bright and the dark, set a path for where we might go tomorrow. What we will be is constructed of what we have been. Everything matters.

TWO MEN SHUFFLED along in a line of patrons at a popular Mexican restaurant in the Mission district of San Francisco. The line moved slowly past steam tables and grills where customers placed their lunch orders, sometimes shouting to be heard over the din of diners’ conversations and the noise of the busy serving staff, hustling plates to the tables. The two men ordered in Spanish and did not speak to each other. One of them was dressed in a dark suit, buttoned securely, white shirt, dark tie, and dark wrap-around glasses. He was short, maybe five-six, but his shoulders were broad and thick, slightly stretching the fabric of his suit coat across his back. He moved with a measured, almost robotic pace, avoiding any misplaced gesture, never hesitating or making an awkward misstep. When he smiled, which was not often, only the corners of his mouth moved, and only briefly.

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