Confessions of a Lie Detector

cvr_conf_150x223This true crime memoir draws upon more than thirty years of Jim Wygant’s experiences in working with people accused of crimes. Gordon Barland, Ph.D., retired Chief of the Research Division, Department of Defense Polygraph Institute, called this book a “must read.” Barland said the author, “offers insights into why people lie, later confess, and yet sometimes recant.” He characterized Wygant’s writing as reflecting, “…the heart of a poet and soul of a philosopher.” What happens to us when accused, rightly or wrongly? How do we defend ourselves? Here is the human side of the news, the deeper story that the media never reaches.

Other comments:

“Imagine getting to spend an evening with a man who for decades has sat across from thieves, rapists, and murderers, with the polygraph on his side. Imagine, too, that he is a marvelous story-teller with wit, literary sensibilities, and brilliant insights into lying and the human psyche.”
Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.
Author of Behind the Door of Deceit
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Here’s the opening paragraph:

Confessions of a Lie Detector
years of theft, sex, and murder

a true crime memoir
copyright 2011
by Jim Wygant

THE TEST WAS over. The man sat silently a few  feet away from me, his hands folded in his  lap, while I scored the polygraph charts,  analyzing the irregular lines and looking for  critical changes. When I finished I told him  that the test indicated he was lying. We  talked about what lay ahead for him. He had  been arrested weeks earlier and his case was  already set for trial. After brief  conversation he agreed to talk to his attorney  about a plea bargain. He seemed almost  grateful that the difficult process of denial  was nearly over.

His wife had accompanied him and had waited  outside my office for the hour and a half I  spent with her husband. I walked him to the  connecting door. As I opened it, her first  words to him were, “Well, you didn’t do it,  did you?”

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