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wp92a3aa88_05_06Jim’s latest work is a three-act play, RANDOM CONTINGENCIES.

His first novel, THE SPY’S DEMISE, was published in 2010, a 1990s spy thriller with action that traces a path from Moscow to New York. A sequel to that book, JESSICA’S TUNE, was a more conventional mystery set in San Francisco. A dystopian novel followed, drawing upon  calamities predicted in current news items. NO AWAY traces the flight of a veteran and two women, trying to escape both the collapse of infrastructure and pursuit by mysterious, possibly governmental, agents.

Jim has also published a memoir, describing some of his experiences and observations accumulated over more than 30 years of working with the clients of criminal defense attorneys. CONFESSION OF A LIE DETECTOR: Years of Theft, Sex, and Murder, looks more deeply into the motivations and failures of people caught up in accusations of criminal behavior.

Jim’s ebooks are available through Amazon.com.

A book of short stories, WHITE BUFFALO, and a book of poetry, GOSSAMER AFTERNOONS, are available in Kindle ebook format only.

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Jim became a polygraph examiner, licensed in the State of Oregon, in 1976. He retired in Dec., 2016, after 40 years as an examiner. His polygraph career was devoted primarily to work for criminal defense attorneys. He now spends more time writing and on various volunteer activities.